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no nonsense forex forum

immediate variations / derivatives. (I had independently found his channel. Trendie said: He is quite good! At least he concedes that there are possibilities.but nothing he has found beats his own systems.Fair do's. I think the Guy has really produced a good series so far.but like all things it needs to stand the test of time.perhaps a small part of me is still screaming 1) whats the catch 2) what is he selling? I check out everything I come across as,of course, now all my social media advertisements are forex or trading related. . When we learn chart patterns in Forex for the first time, were damn near mesmerized. . Figured I would share it here for anybody that likes to dive in like. Skip to main content, it's been just over a month that I have been diving into currency trading. .

He couldnt make it work for t he confessed it was only for about a week that he really really tried to get stuff took me in all seriousness a few years to really get it working well for.and with some. Thu, 11/29/2018 - 12:08am. Before. It's a very different approach but so far a lot of what he has been saying makes sense so just soaking it up with the rest of my new found hobby and hoping for the best outcome. . Wheeeeeeee! . From this point forward, chart patterns had a grip. But thats just natural for us old weve all bought the T-shirts on so many "Great" traders and systems over the years. Hey T i had already corresponded with Patrick (VP) on strengthmeters / indicators before his podcast came out in fact i suspect it was a small part of the catayst for doing the podcast.a few others were contacting him as well so he decided. he spends first six minutes talking about bitcoin. I came across a site called babypips that seems very educational which also made me find a trader by the name of VP that runs a blog/podcast/youtube channel under the moniker. .