Is forex considered a comodity

is forex considered a comodity

client accounts may have to register as an investment advisor depending on where the CTA firm is based and other factors. Major Challenges, as with many asset management businesses, the biggest challenge is usually generating interest from prospective clients and aggregating enough assets to make the business viable. By the time Mrs. Such persons promise investment rewards they cannot possibly deliver and have no intention of delivering. Invariably, the questions have yesanswers, such as You would at least be interested in hearing about such a fantastic investment opportunity, wouldnt you?

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Advertisements A newspaper or magazine ad may offer (or at least hint at) profit opportunities far more attractive than available through conventional investments. They want your money now. Scammers generally will. However, despite NFAs specific rules, startup CTAs can use hypothetical or back-tested performance results in marketing materials. In any case, the agency should be able to provide names, addresses and phone numbers of other places you can check.

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is forex considered a comodity