Forex lot size calculator mt4

forex lot size calculator mt4

Just download our free MetaTrader script to place orders based on this calculator's output. Demonstration video This video demonstrates how you can use the Position Size Calculator indicator, showcasing most of it functions: Input parameters The indicator has a set of input parameters besides the panel-based controls. Just copy it to /MQL4/Scripts/ (or /MQL5/Scripts/ ) subfolder of your platform's data folder. 2.21, ) Position Size Calculator for MetaTrader 4 Position Size Calculator for MetaTrader 5 Installation To install the indicator, make sure that you copy all three files to /MQL4/Indicators/ or /MQL5/Indicators/ (if you are on MetaTrader 5) or to the same subfolder there:. Stop-Loss Line Width (default 1) stop-loss line width.

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It will also show you what is the biggest position size that you can open with your current free margin and leverage. Fixed the number of decimal places used in position size display based on symbol's properties. Trade Idea: Fib Short on EUR/NZD. The ATR value is multiplied by this value to produce the actual take-profit distance. The result is displayed as a forex brokers rating text label in the main or separate chart window. Current portfolio reward (currency) shows the reward in currency units without the position, which is currently being calculated by this indicator. Max spread the script will not trade if current spread is wider than the value given here.