Us government shutdown bitcoin

us government shutdown bitcoin

be the case in Venezuela at present. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Treasury Department has ruled that money laundering rules will be applied to Bitcoin. . It would be close to the perfect crime to create a pseudomonetary system that rips off other evildoers. Government shut down Liberty Dollar and E-Gold in the mid-2000s. Ive seen a lot of confusion misinformation about how the shutdown affects the SEC and its process for handling ETF proposals. For whatever reason, many in Canadas small but fast growing Bitcoin community are suddenly dealing with the same problem: The banks have decided they dont like the cryptocurrency and theyre shutting down some of the accounts of businesses that deal. The truth is that Bitcoin is different. .

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He further stated that another power of the statute is prohibiting the SEC from changing the deadline in any capacity. And without a doubt, Bitcoin is a very, very unstable currency. . Chervinsky stated that the February 27 deadline is imposed by Federal statute, which means that the government shutdown does not affect it all. Jon Matonis once stated that a government ban on bitcoin would be about as effective as alcohol prohibition was in the 1920s. That includes the majority of staff members in the Division of Trading Markets, which handles proposed rule changes. Furthermore, Chervinsky thinks that if the government shutdown extends all the way till February 27, the chance of the Bitcoin ETF getting approved is negligible. . Bitcoin is already being portrayed as a currency that attracts criminals involved in such things as tax evasion, drug dealing, gambling, terrorism and money laundering. . In such a world, bitcoin would function as a niche currency or, not at all. We desperately need an alternative.