Bitcoin long term trendline

bitcoin long term trendline

lower. However, there is no conclusive sign that the decline since December 2013 is over. Trade and Investment is risky but not as risky as some other things out there. Having said that, readers may want to buy at 260 and then employ a hedge in case decline continues to 140.

Bitcoin - Return to the, long, term, trendline?

bitcoin long term trendline

The long term trendline I am talking about is the green line in this picture: https.
In fact, I would say it is almost obvious bitcoin will not reach its all time high by that date.
And if you believe that, then, logically, you must believe long terms support will not hold.
Re: Bitcoin long -term exponential trend (updated regularly).

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A major support however still holds around 1060 which is 50 Fibonacci level as demonstrated in the given below 4-hour chart with green color. The next 234 day demarcation falls on 24 July. The time divisions are of the same duration and match successive market tops exactly. Ultimately, the price. A simple, yet effective, Martingale in this BTC/USD chart would be to divide the current price into 100 increments and to then open a position as price reaches each incremental level. Traders and investors are alerted to the potential of additional price lows to targets near 350, 260 and even 140. The, bTC/USD rate found itself unable to breach above the neckline level discussed in our previous analysis. The red point, at label II bitcoin latest news india on the support floor, could be the ultimate destination of the current downtrend. Increasing state regulations around bitcoin could make the cryptocurrency an attractive investment for investors who previously remained cautious due to the high risk and price swings. The bitcoin price kicked off the week on a negative note after correcting 2 percent to the downside.