Bitcoin hackathon miami

bitcoin hackathon miami

and challenges facing the new world of blockchain. In addition, he has been awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation. Year Established: 2017 Speakers: Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock Robert Kahn, Co-Inventor, TCP/IP protocols Sponsors: 03/14/2018 03/15/2018 crypto current conference New Orleans, LA USA Unknown Unknown The Crypto Current Conference is an above-average conference experience, providing compelling keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, unique networking opportunities, and. At Blockchain Solutions World the focus is on solutions and real-world use cases, with special focus on different vertical sectors: Connected Transport Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chains, Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate, Music Entertainment, Government and Blockchain for Good. Ilya Anikin Business strategist, current Options #1 ask friends family #2 search online #3 read articles #4 search specific sites #5 personal medical data on blockchain. The mission of our conference is to raise awareness and educate the world on the power of this transformative technology. Media Lab, Building E14 75 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA 1761 Unknown MIT Technology Review in collaboration with MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative invite you to a one-day conference examining the technology, ethics, and impact of blockchains. Year Established: 2018 Sponsors: MassRoots EGS CryptoBlockCon Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA USA Unknown Unknown CBC discusses and breaks down the future benefits of blockchain and crypto assets, and showcase companies who are using this technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate. Ametrano, Politecnico di Milano Sponsors: Not Announced - 11/26/2018 11/27/2018 United Conference of Internet Money Singapore Unknown Unknown Internet money has enabled monetization of ideas paving way for technological revolutions that could not have been imagined a few years back. Year Established: 2017 Speakers: Not announced Sponsors: Open Trading Network IBM 08/30/2018 08/31/2018 Coinvention Philadelphia, PA, USA Unknown 1,000 Two days of pinnacle networking, learning, collaboration, and growth for the entrepreneur, venture capitalist, developer, moms and dads, the world, and the future.

Dubai Blockchain Expo will be the largest gathering of Blockchain start-ups, investors, experts, and enthusiasts. Governmental Initiatives, insights from Central Banks, latest updates on worldwide Blockchain regulations - all this will be provided you from the First Stage of our event. Marcus has a deep experience in crisis prevention, crisis managmenet and lobbying. Year Established: 2017 Speakers: Rex Salisbury, Core Product Engineer Checkr, Inc.

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World Blockchain Summit India aims to bridge the nascent blockchain industry in the country to the global market to explore implementation strategies in the Financial Services, Clean Energy and Agriculture sectors. We bring together the thought leaders and pioneers of blockchain to address the entire community on stage and give unique insights as to where they see the world moving forward with Blockchain technology. Unknown 400 wbcsummit gathers the most engaged members of the global blockchain community, the representatives of crypto associations, authorities, foundations, investment companies, banks and idacb's partners. Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Kingsley Davies, Partner at Underscore Consulting Sponsors: Lets Learn Digital 06/27/2018 06/29/2018 CX4 Conference Black Hawk, CO, USA Unknown Unknown This conference brings people from both the traditional business and blockchain/cryptocurrency backgrounds together. Mihaly Kertesz Co-Founder, Operations Miami Ad School New York alumni, also Golden Effie Awards winner gerador de bitcoin online gratis (the Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness). 2B 1100 Wien, Austria 140 2,000 Experienced speakers, keen investors and opinion leaders will examine the opportunities and threats of this emerging technology. Prior to his work on the Celsius crypto assets lending and borrowing platform he designed P2P credit protocols using distributed storage and smart-contracts. The Summit will bring together more than 450 global blockchain advocates from government and technology from 20 countries. Shake hands with all three. We aim to promote a world vision where every entity works in a frictionless manner- free of corruption, inefficiency and human greed.

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