Best time to tweet about forex trade uk

best time to tweet about forex trade uk

am ET (7 pm to 11 am UK time ). If you combine a solid trading plan with these tools and trading at the correct times of the day all of this will result in making pips for almost any forex trader with far less computer time. Also, the best time to trade Forex is when you are following your trading plan. But remember, generally speaking in the Asian session the moves are smaller and then the moves consolidate and retrace. Learn to trade the spot fx in the main session then transfer those skills to the Asian session. The audusd and nzdusd experience increased volatility from midnight to 0200 GMT, 0600 to 0800 GMT and then the most active part of the day is between 12 GMT.

best time to tweet about forex trade uk

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In case you are interested to learn more about the way I trade on a professional level, you can check out my pro trading course here. The nzdusd is also sometimes active from 2100 through to 0200 GMT. As indicated, volatility may change but the hours that are most active typically do not. Your expectations should now be properly set. It should not be taken for granted, but treated with the respect it deserves. Tokyo-London The Tokyo-London overlap is probably not the best time to trade Forex. I do believe in longer-term trading, since it has proven to be a more reliable way of reading the markets through the years.

A sustainable entry is defined as a movement that is 75 to 100 pips or more, and gives you the freedom to close out some lots and manage your money well while riding the remaining lots if the pair is trending. Having said that, I in no way want to advise you to do that, since I am myself staying away from that type of trading. For example, the Japanese yen tends to see more volatility during Asian hours than the euro or British pound, since that is the Japanese business day. Check out my Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook. Example Number 2: In eastern time zone USA, the US stock market opens at 9:30.m so the main session would be from 6:30.m. London Session The next session down the clock is the London trading session.