Mycelium bitcoin cash support

mycelium bitcoin cash support

present, the module in technology preview mode and thus has limited functionality. The module introduces limited Bitcoin Cash(BCH) accounts support which allows to discover BCH on your BTC accounts and instantly exchange it to BTC. Once you got those private keys, before you attempt to import them into bcash supporting wallet, send all your old bitcoins to completely new address. Fully functional BCH module soon. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without the need for any central authority whatsoever. Bitcoin Cash Module is a technology preview of the modular architecture capabilities. In short: -use the mycelium seed to recreate wallet in other wallet software - export private keys from that new wallet - send old btc breaking up trade in 3 pieces risk forex to completely new adress - move to another computer - import keys into bcash wallet it should be possible.

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However, Mycelium users who held bitcoin at the time of the bitcoin cash hard fork last August and were unable to access their airdropped BCH can now do so though in the current implementation they can only exchange their BCH for BTC. Mycelium, on the other hand, intends to give provide bitcoin kurs steigen users the ability to pick and choose which cryptocurrency modules to download, which not only provides them with a clean interface but also increases wallet security. Special thanks to all our contributors and beta testers! Future releases will add full BCH support, so users who want to hold and spend their bitcoin cash through Mycelium will likely have the ability to do so soon. Mycelium is not the first cryptocurrency wallet to support more than one or token, but its modular design is a unique approach. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. You recreate the wallet in any other wallet program supporting seeding (most of them out there then export private keys from the new program (as far as i know mycelium does not export private keys). The wallet, which is available from both the. You must have this seed of 12 words (available when creating wallet, not sure if you can get it later).

mycelium bitcoin cash support