What time is the bitcoin cash fork

what time is the bitcoin cash fork

ahead of Bitcoin Cash ABC, claiming the longest chain. Therefore, this time many exchanges and other service providers will halt withdrawals and/or deposits for some time. This also means that all BCH holders get coins on both sides of the split. Update, November 14th, 22:05 UTC: Roger Ver's mining pool m announced it will redirect hash power from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash ABC for one day. Does this mean the chain will split? The block was mined by an unknown miner, and (oddly) did not include any transactions. At these rates, BCH ABC would be the fourth biggest coin (similar to BCH right now) by market cap. Hash power over the past day still favors Bitcoin SV with about 70, with the remaining 30 divided between Bitcoin ABC and neutral. This is being done on the request of CoinGeek miners who are supportive of miners community and are taking technical support from nChain. You can view a fork countdown here (we do not vouch for the accuracy of this site however). The rest of the pools a minority are either neutral (for example planning to follow majority hash power) or in favor of Bitcoin ABC.

Should you need or wish to continue having access to your Bitcoin Cash, we would recommend moving your Bitcoin Cash to a different wallet or exchange platform that will continue supporting it during this time. Led by Amaury S├ęchet, and with close (though unofficial) ties to major mining hardware producer Bitmain, Bitcoin ABC has a policy of hard forking about once every six months to upgrade the protocol. You can also use a paper wallet or brain wallet. ABC is also joined by Bitmain who happens to control significant BCH mining power and have rejected the idea of Bitcoin SV (discussed later in the article). There is no sign of any 51-attacks.

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