Elon musk bitcoin twitter

elon musk bitcoin twitter

ransom payments. "I'm giving 5,000 Bitcoin (BTC) to all community the promoted tweet begins, more often than not sent by a hacked verified account that's been edited to loosely appear to come from Musk. Highlight it and press Ctrl Enter to notify the administrator. Earlier, the company was already trying to gain access to the accounts of people that pretended to be celebrities and provided cryptocurrency for small donations on their behalf. YouTube, the post, tesla CEO Elon Musk Jokes About Bitcoin on Twitter With 23 Million Followers appeared first on, cCN. "So it can be difficult to do pattern matching on the text of a tweet. Send in a tiny slice of bitcoin, it promises, and the billionaire will send back a big chunk in return. "I decided to make the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world, for all my readers who use Bitcoin. Adding further layers to the scam, a number of other hacked verified accounts falsely backed up the claim that they had received bitcoin from Musk.

Elon, musk on, twitter : "Wanna buy some, bitcoin?

elon musk bitcoin twitter

Matalan, Pantheon Books and more. However, the remaining handle would indicate that it was not Elon Musk. And where are those bitcoins going? Many investors also believed that the tweet confirmed that the Tesla founder was far too focused on Tesla short-sellers. However, on October 23, Musk responded to tweet about Tesla with an anime-style bitcoin cash private key format message and an offer to buy bitcoins. British retailer Matalan, film distributor Pathé UK and US publisher Pantheon Books were just some of the accounts taken over by hackers. The scam promised that if a person were willing to give a small amount of bitcoin, they would be eligible to receive a significantly larger sum. That would make it difficult for Musk to verify an address and respond with a bitcoin payment, not that he was ever going.