Bitcoin no real value

bitcoin no real value

times the rate comment marche le bitcoin that we did just 100 years ago Yu said. It's value is both in its rarity and the willingness of people to accept it as currency. In the case of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has a set cap of 21 million bitcoins. Bitcoin is also 100 traceable, in fact thats a key feature. This means bitcoin is constantly evolving and improving.

As more people use bitcoin, it becomes more valuable (which is why so many bitcoin users seem like missionaries, trying to get people to convert to using bitcoin). Many people replying with insults but no on-topic content substance, automatically are 'facepalmed' and yawned. This answer corresponds to the definition of a Ponzi scheme. We hate spam as much as you. Some assets do not generate revenues, the best known unproductive asset being gold. None of those uses is intrinsic, however. Not a perfect one, as we can see with the transaction backlog, but it can be adjusted and made to work. The minimal value approach is a prudent approach. One of the hot questions regarding the bitcoin since the first ones were created in January 2009 is its real value. But there's reason to believe that that just isn't true.

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