Guy buys 2 pizza with bitcoins

guy buys 2 pizza with bitcoins

good, the use case for the currency has taken off, with customers now able to use Bitcoin for real estate deals, online shopping, airplane bookings and, of course, pizza. But the transaction did not involve only one person: Jeremy Sturdivant, also known as Jercos, participated in the original Bitcoin pizza deal as the recipient of those 10,000 BTC that he turned into two pizzas. A few others feel it will resolve Bitcoins recent scaling problems with fees and transaction times.

You can make the pizza yourself and bring it to my house or order it for me from a delivery place, but what Im aiming for is getting food delivered in exchange for bitcoins where I dont have to order or prepare it myself, kind. I'm not that interested in those, I am interested in Bitcoin. You may think that you have never heard of Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida-based programmer working for online retail company GoRuck, but youd probably be wrong Hanyecz was behind the inspirational purchase of two pizzas from Papa Johns for 10,000. Sturdivant top forex copy trader also noted that hes also continued to buy and sell pizza in cryptocurrency using Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC and Ethereum (ETH and that he prefers pizza with meat and red onions, although for a little controversy, I like Hawaiian pizza quite a lot). For what I described here, probably not. People here are excited about it, they're excited about about what I'd done and everything. The world is actually moving ahead way too fast.

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