Bitcoin reddit bear market

bitcoin reddit bear market

yes, the prices are depressed. As Reddit became a popular playground for Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts, Alexis was offered a rare and early opportunity to observe, learn, and communicate with the crypto community. Truly useful things come out of the nadir of the last hype cycle. Alexis Ohanian is notably a highly successful entrepreneur and renowned crypto supporter. Download audio version, one of the Reddit founders, alexis Ohanian and his Initialized Capital partner Garry Tan told in a recent interview with.

Peddling m in a bear market

bitcoin reddit bear market

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Ohanian founded the wildly successful social news forum Reddit from his university dorm room in 2005. Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, recently revealed he believes the declining prices experienced in the crypto market throughout 2018 are good for the blockchain industry. People started losing hope, and out of that came etherium sic. And thats great because the people who are now building on crypto are true believers. While micro bitcoin price Ohanian is a well known cryptocurrency bull, he admits that the market is in a precarious position in terms of valuation, but has managed to attract the right-minded developers while purging empty speculation, So this is the crypto winter, no doubt. Decentralization is not so much of a factor, as Alexis thinks that there are still scenarios where a centralized database is actually better, cheaper, faster. This led to Ohanian developing a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The end result was bloated market prices well beyond any sense of reason, leading analysts and financial advisers to claim that cryptocurrency was caught in the midst of a bubble. Ohanian supported this point, but added that Initialized Investments believes blockchain can provide better, cheaper, faster services. Thats something worth fighting for, and something well keep fighting for. The hype is gone. Alexis Ohanian has spoken about the current state of the cryptocurrency markets.