Zcl bitcoin private hard fork

zcl bitcoin private hard fork

the formula would be: 1 BTC 1 ZCL 2btcp, i can understand the BTC owners getting it, since all the utxos in the Bitcoin ledger would naturally be spendable on the new chain. Perhaps whats less surprising is the sell off leading up to the fork. Same like the other forks. Theres still hope if good developers offer their support, but its safe to say that investors are not too happy at this point. ZClassic is simply a fork of the privacy coin ZCash, with no founders tax. This is me speaking purely from a technical analysis perspective. On the other hand, if things dont work out then Reht and the boys could just as easily do it all over again with the next shit coin they spot.

It went like 1 BTC 1 ZCL 2 btcp. Update Coinomi digital wallet for Android has added support for ZCL and will support the fork Since writing, the price has gone as high as 230 and is currently 10304 As expected, the price of ZCL dropped dramatically after the fork.

So who knows what might happen to ZCL going forward. For those who had a bad forking experience (pun intended you can consider doubling your position now for huge discount on your initial expectations.

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They go on verifying ZClassic transactions as usual and a new set of miners can start working on Bitcoin Private. The new branch of the chain will be privacy focused boasting similar tech the popular ZCash coin. It would be out of character for Bittrex to give users what they deserve and almost unthinkable for them to announce support for the fork. Heres an announcement video explaining the reasoning: The ZClassic hard fork announcement, ahh, so the reason for this is to achieve a non-contentious hard fork from ZClassic. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) currently ranking 16th then we would expect each btcp coin to trade at about 250, which happens to be the ZCL price at time of writing. What the fork are you talking about? In other words, the miners do not have to agree to change the protocol.