High liquidity forex pairs

high liquidity forex pairs

market or security, the reverse process occurs (the sellers outweigh the buyers). The price of one currency in terms of another is known as exchange rate. Both these methods can be used by the same bank but not in the same market. As long as you are able to accurately anticipate which currency will show relative strength and then buy that currency significant profits can be made. These pairs also represent countries that have financial power and are traded heavily worldwide.

But not all brokers give access to the exotic currencies. Let us now see what these rules are. Another way to figure an upward trend of market or currency price is shown below Above the primary waves move the currency pair (USD/INR) in the direction of the broader trend (upward move and secondary correlation between bitcoin and altcoins waves act as corrective phases (minor correction in currency, downward). Investor or traders are better off short-selling or moving to safer investments like gold or fixed-income securities. For countries like India, which is very large oil importer. The liquidity (more buyers and sellers) and competitive pricing (the spread is very small between bid and ask price) available in this marked are great. In case of raw material trade (export/import the dollar is the exchange mechanism for many countries if not all. What happens in a Bull Market?